Dancers from coast-to-coast will tell you that Beth Molaro is GREAT and when she calls, the dance is always a party! Her enthusiasm is contagious and she makes any dance more energetic and exciting. She is truly a dance caller dedicated to the art of Traditional American Dancing and good fun.

Beth Molaro lives in Asheville surrounded by the mountains of Western North Carolina with her daughter Rebecca Grace where they are an active part of the thriving dance community there. Often on the road calling dances all over the place, her clear calling and skilled dance selection have made her one of the country's most popular and widely traveled callers.

Since 1994, Beth has called hundreds of dances from coast to coast as well as Denmark and Canada. Beth is in demand as a caller and teacher for weddings, family reunions and other gatherings as well as community dances both small and large, at Dance Weeks, Weekends and Folk Festivals including the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Philiadelphia Folk Festival, Winterhawk Folk Festival, Appalachian Stringband Festival, Dance Flurry, Florida Snowball, Charleston Palmetto Bug Stomp, Greenville's (SC) Moondance, Columbus (OH) Winter Warm-Up, RIver Rendezvous (OH), Charlottesville Fall Festival, Pittsburgh Fall Festival, ACD Summer Soiree, Alta Sierra Labor Day Weekend, Down East Dance Festival, Endless Summer, Butterball, Brattleboro Dawn Dances, Gypsy Meltdown, Springdance Romance, Feet Retreat, Lawrence (KS) Dance Weekend, Spring Thaw, Raincoast Ruckus, CDSS English & American Dance Week at Buffalo Gap and Timber Ridge, Contradancer's Holiday Delight Week, Sierra Swing Dance Week, Augusta Heritage Dance Week, Dance Rhapsody Dance Week, and so many more.

Beth's vocal style is unique in the dance world. Her ability to sing the calls makes for an exciting blending of music and calls which she accomplishes with both clarity and musical integrity. You will hear elements of the blues and jazz in her voice as she sings you from one figure to the next, weaving together the various elements of dance, music and dancers into a positively charged room of inspired enthusiasm.

Beth calls high-energy, turbocharged squares and smooth flowing contras. She is known for her quick no-nonsense walk throughs and effective teaching for both the newest dancers and the most seasoned of dancers. Beth’s dances are always a guaranteed whoop and aholler good time! Dancers are sure to leave with a feel-good dancing high.
In addition to calling, Beth is a skilled and exuberant foot percussonist in the Appalachian flat-foot style.